Dr. A. Ebbie Soroudi, md ms

Founder & Medical Director
Diplomate, American Board of Ophthalmology


Toss out your READING GLASSES for ever!

Restore a Fuller Range of Vision

Got Droopy Eyelids/Under Eye Bags?

We can help you look your BEST!


    • World-renowned expert in Refractive (LASIK/Cataract), & Oculoplastic (Eyelid) Surgery.
    • Experience of personally performing 30,000+ successful cases since 2005.
    • Clinical Instructor of Ophthalmology at the UCLA Jules Stein Eye Institute.


    • Offering the absolute BEST technology in all of Los Angeles:
    • 100% Blade-free CONTOURA zLASIK (THE most advanced LASIK platform in the world)!
    • 100% Blade-free Cataract & Lens-replacement Surgery!
    • Medicare-Accredited (highest standard) Eye-Specialty Ambulatory Surgery Centers!


    • Inventor of the Eye-press sold at the eye section of every CVS in America, & UVista “SPF Eye Drops” for protecting the eyes from the Sun (coming soon).
    • Inventor of the “Scissorless” Surgical Technique for Pterygium Surgery: “PECAC” (Pterygium Excision with Cauterization & Autograft of the Conjunctiva)
Soroudi Advanced LASIK and Eye Centers

See Better. Look Better. Live Better.


100% Blade-free CONTOURA zLASIK

Wavefront Customized PRK (Flapless LASIK)

Implantable Contact Lenses (ICL)

ALL-Laser 100% Blade-free Laser Cataract Surgery

ALL_Laser 100% Blade-free Lens Replacement Surgery (Clear Lens Exchange)

Keratoconus Treatment: Laser-guided Intacs Collagen Crosslinking Corneal Transplantation

Scissorless Pterygium / Pingueculum /
Eye “Whitening” Surgery

Cosmetic Upper & Lower Eyelid Oculoplastic Surgery “Blepharoplasty”

Ptosis Repair

Chalazion / Stye


Macular Degeneration

Diabetic Retinopathy


Botox / Fillers

We are also the ONLY eye centers in LA that are equipped with our own Medicare-certified (highest standard) eye-specialty surgery centers AND all-laser Z-LASIK suite IN-HOUSE (we do EVERYTHING in our own centers and do not do surgery at hospitals/outside facilities) making it efficient & cost effective to our patients.

Dr. A. Ebbie Soroudi, MD, MS

The internationally renowned, board-certified eye surgeon, biomedical engineer, inventor, author, eyelid, and vision correction expert.

Dr. Soroudi is a board-certified, sub-specialty-trained Ophthalmologist who specializes exclusively in Advanced Vision Corrective Surgery, Ophthalmic Surgery, as well as Eyelid Plastic (Oculoplastic) Surgery. Having personally performed well over 30,000 successful eye & eyelid operations to date, Dr. Soroudi is recognized as one of the most experienced and meticulous eye surgeons in the country, and he is one of the most active figures in his fields of specialty worldwide.

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What our Clients are Saying

I took my father to Dr Soroudi’s office last week for Cataract surgery and I was allowed to video the entire procedure. All I could say to Dr Soroudi was a big WOWWWWW….It was unbelievable how Dr Soroodi professionally started and finished the procedure within few minutes utilizing the latest technology available in the world.. I strongly suggest Dr Sourodi for patients who care about professionalism and who are sensitive to details. It was proven to me that Dr Soroudi is the expert and the best in his field. Thank you so much Dr Soroudi.

Zareh Y.
Glendale, CA

I took my father to Dr Soroudi’s office last week for Cataract surgery and I I can’t stop thanking Dr. Soroudi! He was simply amazing from day one!! I just received my LASIK and yo be able to wake up and see, has been the best thing that I could have done for myself!! His energy allowed me to calm down and allow him and his team, to do their work!! Every penny will be worth your freedom from glasses and contacts. Take it from someone who has been wearing them since the 5th grade and received nothing but humiliation from it!! Again, you cannot go wrong with Dr. Soroudi!!

Lizeth A.
Hawthorne, CA

Dr. Soroudi and his staff are by far superior to any other Lasik center in Los Angeles, CA. I have researched this practice, different lasers, & doctors for over 4 years before making my decision. It was honestly one of the most pivotal moments of my life! It’s not just improving your sight… It’s improving how your brain processes information faster and sharper. I am more then pleased with my outcome, & I have already referred 6 others who now have 20/20, 20/15, and/or 20/10 vision. It’s important to do your own research, but at the end of the day… it’s about trust! And I clearly (pun intended) trust Dr. Soroudi!

Brandon A.
Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Soroudi did a great job. He encountered a very difficult case and skillfully restored a significant portion of my grandfather’s vision. My grandfather had advanced bilateral cataracts and was practically blind. Regardless of the severity of the case and consideration that my grandfather was very elderly (almost 90 years old), he was very meticulous and managed to remove the cataracts. It really puts a smile on your face when a medical professional can really change someone’s life. Now my grandfather’s darkness is replaced with light and it truly is amazing. Although vision was not fully restored, it is understandable due to the nature and severity of the condition. I am overall satisfied with the quality of work and results, and admit he has very good hand dexterity. Thanks for help Dr. Soroudi.

Kat A.
Glendale, CA

I’ve visited different specialists to resolve my eye problem about 4 years ago but got disappointed by having noticed that no operation will be done on my eyes for their lack of equipment but luckily about a month ago I went to Dr. Soroudi Lasik centre and I was totally impressed by their top notch, state of art equipment and also the very warm & attentive staff. Although I have been advised not to go for Lasik operation previously but Dr. Soroudi obliged me to do so and within less than 10 minutes my eyes repaired. they have a genius concern about every single of their patients and I’m truly impressed by their job. Not only the specialists are fully mastered but also every single staff is attentive and pleasant. I’m really thankful for Dr. Zokaeim follow ups even I was busy with daily life but she was so kind and attentive. Thank you Dr. Soroudi & Dr. Zokaeim!

John E.
Canoga Park, CA