Eyhance Lens

When Dr. Soroudi performs a Cataract or a Clear Lens Exchange Procedure, he provides his patients with multiple options of HOW he would like you to see after your procedure. One option is to correct both eyes to see FAR. This option is wonderful, but the problem is that you’ll need reading glasses to work up close for the rest of your life. 

Many people are interested in options to be able to also see CLOSE UP without the need for glasses. The second option is “monovision,” where one eye (your dominant eye) is corrected to see FAR, and the non-dominant eye is corrected to see NEAR. This option, while great for some people, can cause others to feel “dizzy” or “hazy” all the time as the eye which sees far, is blurry up close, and the eye that sees near, is always blurry at a distance. Many people eventually get used to this, but it’s not the best option for people who wish to see equally well with both eyes.

The third (best) option is to have a MULTIFOCAL Lens implanted in your eye/s, which corrects your vision for BOTH far AND near at the same time. These lenses will enable you to see equally good for far, and they’ll enable you to see beautifully up close without the need for reading glasses for the rest of your life. The only issue with multifocal (even the panoptix or the synergy) is that people experience some haloes around lights at nights. These haloes, however minor, can be a nuisance to people who drive a lot at nights. Also, for people who have retinal/macular conditions, such as macular degeneration or epi-retinal membranes, multifocal lenses may not be the best option.

The Eyhance Lens is technically not a multi-focal lens; it stretches and shifts light without splitting it to provides you with excellent intermediate vision (~50cm away from your eye), and “functional” near vision (~30cm from your eye) without ANY haloes. Also, these lenses are ideal choices for people who may have retinal conditions and don’t qualify for multi-focal lenses. They also come in a Toric version to treat your Astigmatism at the same time.

If you suffer from cataracts, or you’re just tired of your “reading glasses,” please schedule a visit with Dr. Soroudi, and he’ll review all your options with you in great detail.

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