Clear Lens Exchange / Presbyopic Lens Exchange

Clear Lens Exchange or “Refractive” Lens Exchange is a procedure where one’s natural lens is replaced with an artificial lens. People usually think this is a procedure only for those who have Cataracts (where the natural lens turns opaque); this is not true.

Refractive Lens Exchange is an IDEAL way to restore people’s vision who are either over 45 years of age and would like to be able to see far AND near, or those who are not good LASIK candidates (very high far-sightedness (over +5D in people under 35) or (over +1D in people over 50)…

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Clear Lens Exchange (or Presbyopic Lens Exchange)

Many people who are interested in being able to see without glasses are not good candidates for procedures that reshape the Cornea (such as LASIK or PRK). These individuals are usually over 45 years of age and are suffering from poor reading vision, or they have very high prescriptions, and/or they have thin Corneas. Many people believe that if they don’t have Cataracts, then this procedure can’t be done: this is not true.

A Clear Lens Exchange Procedure allows for correction of BOTH near AND distance vision in people who are not perfect candidates for LASIK. 

Dr. Soroudi is a world expert in performing 100% BLADELESS, all-laser, small-incision clear lens exchange surgery & lens-based vision correction. Utilizing this procedure, Dr. Soroudi is able to treat:

  • Myopia (near-sightedness)
  • Hyperopia (far-sightedness)
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia (poor near vision after the age of 45)

For decades, this procedure has been (and still is) performed using blades and manual instruments that are used to cut the Cornea, “tear” the lens capsule open, and then chop the lens into multiple pieces. As successful as this technique has been, there are occasions when adverse evens can happen, which may affect the outcome of this delicate operation. The application of a “Femtosecond” Laser makes this procedure even safer, more accurate, and even less risky than ever before!

Dr. Soroudi is proud to be one of only a few eye centers in the Greater Los Angeles Area to possess his own Ziemer Z8 Femtosecond Laser, which is considered the BEST Femtosecond Laser in the world today! 

This incredible device performs all the delicate steps of a Cataract or Lens Replacement Procedure with perfect accuracy in a matter of just about two minutes and significantly reduces any chance of complications during surgery.

After the Ziemer Z8 Laser is done opening the lens capsule and breaking the natural lens into tiny pieces, Dr. Soroudi utilizes the most advanced Alcon Centurion Laser to “emulsify” the lens material and suction them out of the eye.

This “phacoemulsification” robot uses the absolute minimum amount of energy required to break up a cataract and suction it out of the eye, while maintaining perfect pressure during surgery to minimize common complications. Dr. Soroudi is proud to possess this fantastic technology at his surgery center and use it on his patients who demand the absolute BEST in their care.

Once the lens is successfully removed out of the eye, a new artificial “intra-ocular lens” needs to be inserted in its place. The correct power of this artificial lens needs to be calculated BEFORE surgery to ensure a perfect visual outcome: in order to see well, the eye can’t be left near-sighted or far-sighted, and all astigmatism needs to be treated. To this effect, Dr. Soroudi possesses the latest IOL Master instruments that accurately “estimate” the necessary lens power for each eye.

As accurate as this technology is, it can over- or under-estimate the lens power in those who have previously undergone refractive surgery (such as LASIK/PRK/RK). In order to deliver outstanding visual outcomes, Dr. Soroudi also possesses the latest Alcon ORA Technology which calculates the correct lens power DURING surgery and allows for the selection of the perfect lens for people’s individual optics.

This technology is literally the ULTIMATE testament in our commitment to providing our patients with the absolute BEST visual outcomes after Cataract or Lens Replacement Surgery.

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