OMNI Canaloplasty

The Challenge

In eyes with primary open-angle glaucoma, identifying where blockage or resistance occurs within the conventional outflow pathway can be hard.

Targeting the trabecular meshwork alone, or isolating a single point, may not be enough to lower IOP.

  • 75% of Surgeons want to address the conventional outflow pathway first
  • Between 50-75% of resistance may be in the Trabecular Meshwork
  • Up to 50% of resistance may be in Schlemm’s canal and the distal collector channels

The Solution

OMNI® targets all three points of resistance.

  1. Trabecular meshwork
  2. Schlemm’s canal
  3. Collector channels

ONE MIGS device
TWO implant-free procedures
THREE points of resistance

Meet the next generation OMNI® Surgical System.

With the OMNI® Surgical System, you can perform two implant-free procedures targeting three points of resistance with one intelligent device.

Two procedures in one
intelligently designed device.

The OMNI® Surgical System is indicated for canaloplasty (microcatheterization and transluminal viscodilation of Schlemm’s canal) followed by trabeculotomy (cutting of trabecular meshwork) to reduce intraocular pressure in adult patients with primary open-angle glaucoma.


With its unique implant-free approach, the OMNI® Surgical System lets you access Schlemm’s canal with the microcatheter through a single clear corneal incision. Intelligently engineered with an internal reservoir delivering a controlled amount of viscoelastic fluid.


To address the trabecular meshwork as a point of resistance within the conventional outflow pathway, the OMNI® Surgical System lets you perform a titratable trabeculotomy customized to meet your surgical plan.

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