Implantable Tube Shunts (Valves)

So many people suffer from severe glaucoma where their eye pressures are extremely elevated. Without treatment, this condition can lead to irreversible blindness.

We normally treat this condition with eye drops and lasers, but there are times that these less invasive means aren’t enough to lower eye pressure. One way to help lower pressure in such cases is to place a tube shunt implant in the affected eye.

The tube shunt device is made of a tube and plate that are positioned under the conjunctiva (thin superficial eye tissue). The tube is carefully inserted into the front chamber of the eye, often just in front of the iris (the colored part of the eye). The fluid drains through the tube, into the area around the back end of the plate. The fluid collects here and is drained through the eye’s natural drainage system. One cannot feel the implant and it is usually not visible unless one lifts the eyelid or opens the eye very widely.

Dr. Soroudi has implanted HUNDREDS of such devices in people’s eyes over the years and is an expert in managing severe glaucoma. He does this procedure under LOCAL ANESTHESIA (without an eye block) in about 30 minutes in the comfort of his own medicare-certified surgery surgery centers.

If you suffer from glaucoma, please come in for a comprehensive consultation and Dr. Soroudi will review all your options with you.

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