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“Toric” Lenses for Astigmatism

Worldwide, millions of people suffer from visually significant astigmatism which means they require glasses to see better at all distances (near, intermediate, or far). For this reason, in the past, most people with astigmatism who underwent cataract surgery still required glasses, and to be independent of their glasses, they had to undergo a separate procedure (e.g., LASIK or a limbal relaxing incision) to relieve their astigmatism.

Normal vision vs. astigmatism

There is now a safe, FDA-approved alternative to this extra step which helps people with mild to moderate astigmatism become independent of their glasses after cataract surgery or clear lens exchange.

Toric intra-ocular lens

These “toric” lenses have a certain amount of astigmatism correction built in, and once placed in the right axis can really help individuals with astigmatism see clearly forever. If you suffer from astigmatism, Dr. Soroudi will discuss all your options with you during your consultation. You’ll be amazed how much sharper you can see without glasses once your astigmatism is corrected.

Experienced Los Angeles Eye Care Specialist

This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and should not take more than about 10-20 minutes. Dr. Soroudi performs this surgery without the need for any injections (blocks) or even sedation (no anesthesia; you’re awake the whole time), and he performs the surgery completely bloodless, without placing any sutures, or even an eye patch after surgery. You will be able to return to most of your normal activities the same day. During your consultation, ask Dr. Soroudi if you’re a good candidate for a toric lens. Call us today.

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