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Dry Eye Treatment in Los Angeles

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Dry eyes are probably the most frequently encountered problems in any eye doctor’s office in the world. Due to many medical conditions, age, contact lens use, profession, and weather, people of all ages can (and often do) experience dry, irritated eyes from time to time. This can also severely affect one’s vision and patients with dry eyes usually complain that their vision is “very clear on some days, and horrible on others.”

Dr. Soroudi, a top vision correction specialist in Los Angeles, is prepared to help patients who suffer from dry eyes in various areas of L.A. If you’re located in Calabasas, Brentwood, Sherman Oaks, Woodland Hills, Huntington Park, Beverly Hills, Westlake Village, Santa Monica, or West Hills, contact Dr. Soroudi about treating your dry eyes.

The reason why people’s eyes feel dry is often due to aqueous deficiency, which is basically a decrease in the amount of natural tears produced by the eye’s lacrimal glands. This can usually be easily addressed with the use of supplementary artificial tears (e.g., Systane, Optive, and Visine), which can replenish the eye’s moisture, at least momentarily.

When the use of artificial lubricants is no longer adequate, people start complaining of frequent tearing, which is due to the body’s natural reflex to try to lubricate the eyes more, and even in the face of teary eyes, people usually find themselves needing these artificial tears very frequently (e.g., every hour).

To treat this problem, one needs to not only decrease the amount of tears that drain out of the eyes, but to also increase the amount of tears being naturally produced by the eyes.

To address the first step, by closing one of the two openings of the tubes that drain our tears into our noses (the canaliculi) with a small plastic / collage plug, we can reduce the amount of tears that leave the eyes, hence increasing the amount of our patients’ baseline tears.

Different types of Punctal Plugs

This by itself can tremendously help such patients’ symptoms, as it allows for the natural tears to linger around for a longer period, instead of draining out into the nose. This is a very quick and painless procedure and can be done in the comfort of the exam chair.

Now, if this is still not enough, there are now prescription medications and other dietary supplements which have been shown to also increase the amount of natural tear production by our eyes.

Most eye doctors only concentrate on the amount of liquid that’s present in their patients’ eyes and usually send them away with a vial of artificial tears. Unfortunately, it is extremely common to see people using artificial tear drops 5-6 times a day with absolutely no relief of their dry eye symptoms.

Aside from improving one’s actual quantity of tears, there are other components of natural tears that affect the quality of tears, which ultimately affect the level of a person’s eye comfort. These are the amounts of baseline mucous and lipids that naturally lubricate the eyes.

It is extremely vital to examine every aspect of the eye’s tear quality. There are different tests for evaluating different aspects of the tear layer, as improving the combination of natural lubricants is usually extremely effective in combating even the most severe forms of dry eye disease.

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At the Soroudi Advanced LASIK & Eye Center, the comprehensive dry eye treatment we offer has come to be known as the Dry Eye Spa. If you would like to learn more, contact our office today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Soroudi. Our Los Angeles eye surgeon services patients in Huntington Park, Los Angeles, Encino, and surrounding areas.

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