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The Soroudi Advanced LASIK & Eye Center has become a frontrunner in the LASIK eye surgery industry. Using revolutionary technology and the extensive experience of Dr. Soroudi, our center has been able to consistently satisfy our patients by providing the most comprehensive and high-quality eye care services possible. To date, our center has performed more than 10,000 successful eye and eyelid operations.

If you are interested in learning more about your condition and how a LASIK procedure may work for you, we offer in-depth LASIK consultations with Dr. Soroudi, absolutely free of charge. During the consultation, Dr. Soroudi will provide you with a thorough eye evaluation, inform you of any conditions that may need attention and discuss your available options for treatment. You have nothing to lose by receiving free personalized attention from one of the most sought after eye and eyelid specialists in Los Angeles. Schedule your appointment today!

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