• Why LASIK can actually SAVE you money in the Long Run

    || 09-09-2015

    Cost is one of the most common questions and concerns among those considering LASIK eye surgery. Although the initial cost of LASIK may be a significant investment, Americans spend around $30 billion a year on eye products (glasses, contact lenses, solutions) and services. When you compare the cost of LASIK to the cost of contacts, glasses and other eye care expenses; LASIK surgery can actually save you money in the long run making it worth the investment.


    The average cost of LASIK is about $5,000-5,500 for both eyes, which typically covers all expenses including pre-surgery consultations and post-op visits (up to one year in our office, and it includes the cost of any enhancements if required). This is also typically a one-time fee because LASIK is a permanent procedure. Most insurance plans do not cover LASIK, but some do offer discounts to their members.


    Cost of LASIK Compared to a Lifetime of Corrective Lens

    The average cost of glasses is about $200 and it is estimated that most people replace their glasses every 2 years. You also have a yearly exam, which costs you approximately $150 annually. By these estimates, you will make the cost of LASIK back in approximately 16 years.


    If you wear contacts, you are typically paying more yearly than if you wear glasses. Annually, the average cost of contacts is about $240. This cost can vary widely based on if you have astigmatism or prefer a certain kind of contacts to another. You also need to factor in your yearly eye exam as well as eye care products such as solution. By these conservative estimates, you would make back the cost of LASIK in approximately 10 years.


    Having LASIK can dramatically increase the quality of your life and while it is a long-term investment it will often save our patients money in the long run. These estimates also do not factor in inflation so you are likely to make back your investment in your LASIK eye surgery even sooner.


    Financing Options for LASIK at Soroudi Advanced LASIK & Eye Center

    If you

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