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Just as one would expect from an ordinary camera’s lens, from a refractive standpoint, the cornea is the most important structure in our eyes. It bends the light that enters our eyes and focuses it onto the retina (which is exactly like the film inside the camera). In just the same way that LASIK surgery can drastically improve one’s vision just by reshaping the cornea, any irregularity at this level could lead to devastating visual consequences.

Corneal scars usually stem from eye trauma, infections (usually herpetic or due to a bacterial “ulcer”), contact lens abuse, or diseases such as keratoconus. If the scar is only superficial, it could usually be “shaved off” using an excimer laser (this procedure is called Phototherapeutic Keratectomy or PTK). If this scar is deeper, then a penetratinc keratoplasty (corneal transplant) can really help restore one’s vision.

In a nutshell, the scarred cornea is cut out using a mechanism that very much resembles a cookie cutter. Once this scarred tissue is removed, a similar sized piece of fresh cornea is cut out from a cadaver’s eye and sewn onto the eye.

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