Multi-Focal Lenses (ReSTOR/Tecnis)

Dr. Soroudi is one of the top cataract surgeons in Los Angeles with the highest volume of patients who choose outstanding near and distance vision after cataract surgery. Having implanted thousands of multifocal lenses in his clients’ eyes over the years, he has become a world expert in this amazing lens technology and his results place him at the top of a short list of experts in this category.

Aside from achieving outstanding surgical outcomes by making sure his patients have no residual refractive error after surgery (e.g., astigmatism or residual myopia/hyperopia), Dr. Soroudi utilizes the best lens technology available to date and nothing else.

To this end, he chooses from one of the two best available technologies that provide for outstanding distance as well as near vision. These “multi-focal” lenses: ReSTOR & Tecnis MF, both provide outstanding clarity and provide for incredible near vision for people who have been using reading glasses for many years.

What sets Dr. Soroudi import from the majority of cataract surgeons in the world is that he actually possesses a laser refractive suite IN-HOUSE and utilizes laser vision correction to treat any residual reflective error AFTER cataract surgery. This way, he is able to alleviate ANY halos and glare that has been associated with these lenses.

This is an extremely important aspect of having a successful outcome when it comes to multifocal lens implantation, and we urge you to please check with your surgeon if she or he, aside from having a certified surgery center equipped to do cataract surgery, has access to laser reflective technology as well. Dr. Soroudi has both…

During your consultation, ask Dr. Soroudi if you’re a good candidate for either one of these
technologies. Chances are you’ll be able to truly improve your near
vision with either one of these lenses. Residents of Los Angeles, Encino,
Santa Monica, West Hills, Sherman Oaks, Woodland Hills, Huntington Park,
Beverly Hills, Calabasas, and Brentwood can turn to our eye surgeon for help.
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