Lifetime Commitment:

In addition to guaranteeing my clients with 20/20 (or better) vision, I am proud to go above and beyond my commitment and provide my LASIK clients with a lifetime commitment to help you keep seeing the best you can possibly see for as long as it is humanly possible.

You see, the clarity of our vision depends on a few factors: 1) our refraction (the prescription of our glasses), 2) the overall health of our eyes’ major structures (the Cornea, Lens and the Retina). If you qualify for laser vision corrective surgery (e.g., LASIK), I have already determined that your eye/s are perfectly healthy AND your refraction is stable, at least, over a year.

However, there is never a guarantee that your vision still won’t change over the years. It’s rare, but it can happen. That is why I provide my clients with a lifetime commitment that just in case your prescription changes, I will perform any additional enhancements as needed with little or no additional charge to you. Please realize however that if your change of vision is due to other factors, e.g., Cataract formation, Macular Degeneration, Diabetes, etc., this obviously has nothing to do with your LASIK surgery, and it will have to be addressed accordingly.

I hope you will consider this commitment yet another indication of the quality of work I will provide you for life. Looking forward to helping you see your absolute BEST (without glasses).

A. Ebbie Soroudi, MD, MS
Diplomat of the American Board of Ophthalmology

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