• LASIK vs. Contacts

    || 10-29-2015

    Do you currently wear contacts but are considering ditching them for LASIK? There are several reasons why many of our patients have left their contacts behind for guaranteed 20/20 vision – time, convenience, cost, and quality of life to name a few.

    The main difference between having contacts and LASIK is that contacts require daily care including taking them in and out and making sure they are cleaned properly to reduce the chance for infection. Whereas with LASIK, after your procedure there is no daily care needed so you no longer will have to worry about caring for your contacts or forgetting to pack them on a trip. Here’s a look further at some of the reasons why you may want to consider having LASIK.

    Safety and Eye Health

    Wearing contact lenses daily can put a patient at risk for possible infections if not cared for properly. Infections are more likely to occur if you:

    ● Do not wear lenses as prescribed
    ● Reuse contact lens solution
    ● Clean your contact in solutions other than lens solution
    ● Sleeping in your contact lenses

    Infections can be irritating as well as painful so it’s important if you wear contacts that you take proper care of them. While the risk of vision loss is very low for both wearing contacts and LASIK, recent research has suggested that wearing contact lenses daily has a higher risk of affecting a patient’s vision over time than the LASIK procedure.

    LASIK can also be a great option for those who have difficulty wearing contacts as prescribed or caring for them properly, since it relinquishes the need for daily care.

    Increased Quality of Life with LASIK

    One of the biggest reasons our patients decide to give up their contacts is to increase their quality of life. Daily care for contacts can get tedious and a lot of our patients come to us looking for relief from the daily battle. After getting LASIK, you will no longer need to worry about:

    ● Packing your contacts for business trips or vacations
    ● Taking your contacts out before bed or taking off your makeup
    ● Not having contact lens solution to clean your contacts properly
    ● Losing a contact after it has fallen out
    ● Playing sports or swimming while wearing contacts

    If you have LASIK all of these worries can be worries of the past when you enjoy the freedom of just opening your eyes in the morning and seeing clearly.

    Cost of Contacts vs LASIK

    Contacts are generally more expensive than glasses with the average cost being about $240 a year. While this amount may not seem significant, over the course of a lifetime the expense can add up. Having LASIK can actually SAVE you money in the long run by eliminating yearly expenses needed for corrective lens. While the procedure averages $5,000-5,500 for both eyes, even with conservative estimates you would make back the expenses from your LASIK procedure in approximately 10 years.

    Are you ready to ditch your contacts? What are you waiting for? Find out if you are a good candidate for LASIK by contacting our office today or by calling (888) 495-0977 to schedule a free consultation to find out more information.

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