|| 04-03-2015

    If you need to consider getting surgery on your eyes for either a cosmetic or medical condition, you want to focus in on a doctor who is skilled and experienced with eye surgery. There are many Santa Monica oculoplastic surgery practices that will have your eyes soaking in the beautiful sunset beaches. What is an oculoplastic surgeon? An oculoplastic surgeon is a trained eye doctor who specializes in treating eye disorders but can also perform surgery to correct, eliminate and enhance star filled eyes. Santa Monica oculoplastic surgery involves procedures that deal with whole eyelids, eye socket, cosmetic changes and even the stuff that comes out after watching your favorite sad movie.

    Oculoplastic surgeons help individuals that have problems with their eyelids. The surgery that repairs problems with the eyelids is called Blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty is surgery to the upper eyelid or

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