Glaucoma Surgery with Tube-Shunt Implantation in Los Angeles

Treating glaucoma by implanting a shunt (valve) into the eye.

Dr. Soroudi is particularly adept and experienced in performing complicated glaucoma operations on individuals whose eyes do not respond to either drops or laser treatment. As a former chief resident at the Los Angeles county hospital, he has treated many patients who suffer from severe glaucoma and has performed many operations, including those that involve aggressive cases of retractable glaucoma.

In a select population of patients with high eye pressures that do not respond to non-surgical modalities, the Los Angeles glaucoma specialist implants special valves that help reduce severe ocular hypertension.

Photo of a soft plate Ahmed Valve

Dr. Soroudi's actual patient who suffered from angle-closure glaucoma with a pressure of over 50mmHg (normal pressure is up to 21mmHg) and had gone blind from severe "proliferative" diabetic retinopathy and a dense, (mature) cataract. After successful tube shunt implantation, cataract surgery, aggressive laser treatment (pan-retinal coagulation), and multiple intra-vitreal injections by Dr. Soroudi, he now sees 20/40 without correction and has an eye pressure of 14mmHg! He does not see 20/20 because of an epiretinal membrane formation as a result of his severe diabetes.

Another one of Dr. Soroudi's actual patients suffering from an extremely rare form of glaucoma (called ICE Syndrome) with a pressure of >55 (normal pressure is up to 21mmHg) prior to surgery (left) vs. the same eye the day after valve surgery with a pressure of 14mmHg. Notice the small plastic tube inside the eye on the right.

If you suffer from severe glaucoma, Dr. Soroudi is prepared to evaluate your condition and discuss all of your available treatment options. Contact the Soroudi Advanced LASIK & Eye Center today to schedule a private consultation at our Los Angeles or Encino office.

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