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Blepharospasms, also known as twitching eyelids, are among the most troubling eye conditions. Most of the time, the spasms are due to dry or irritated eyes, stress, smoking, or anything that would irritate the sensory nerves of the eye. For the most part, they resolve with rest, lubrication, and just time, but there are individuals whose spasms become chronic and actually get worse over time.

For people whose eyelids twitch for more than a month, there is a way to "calm" these spasms down by injecting Botox into the right muscle. This provides such patients with great relief, and as an added bonus, it even helps get rid of some wrinkles / crow's feet. There are not too many dermatologists, plastic surgeons, or ophthalmologists who are comfortable treating blepharospasms with Botox.

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