Ectropion Repair in Los Angeles

Functional Eyelid Plastic Surgery

The eyelid structure is very much like an elastic band in nature; it gently stretches over the eye and hugs it. The eyelids allow our natural tears to moisten our eyes and corneas during blinking and help keep the eye moist at all times. The eyelid anatomy is very much like a person wearing sweat pants that hugs his / her stomach; the elastic band keeps the pants from falling down.

For a variety of reasons, some people lose this elasticity, which causes their eyelids to unfurl. Once the eyelid is away from the eye itself, the tears, instead of rolling down the eyes and draining through the nose, start to pool and run down the cheeks (this is called epiphora). Also, by not doing their usual job of constantly lubricating the eye, people with ectropion suffer from:

  • Severe dry eyes
  • Tearing
  • Redness
  • Pain
  • Ulceration
  • Bleeding

Learn More About Ectropion Treatment

Dr. Soroudi is a top vision correction surgeon in Los Angeles who specializes in performing minimally-invasive ectropion repair under local anesthesia. This procedure is done with minimal sedation, and you may return to all your usual activities within a day or two.

If you suffer from ectropion, contact the Soroudi LASIK & Eye Center today to request your consultation and learn more about your available treatment options.

Dr. Soroudi's actual patient (treated by a Lateral Tarsal Strip Procedure in both eyes under local anesthesia)

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