• Does LASIK Hurt? Your Questions Answered

    || 31-05-2016

    You’ve been thinking about it for years, but only one thing is holding you back: the fear. Guess what? You’re not alone. Let’s break it down. Does the LASIK procedure hurt? In all honesty, it can vary. You will be given eye drops before the procedure to numb your eyes. Patients generally feel some pressure …

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  • How Long Will My LASIK Procedure Take and How Is it Done?

    || 23-05-2016

    Okay, okay, I want better vision, but please if you’re going to do stuff to my eye, make it quick, please. We get it. You’re sick of the hassles of glasses or contacts, but that doesn’t mean you’re without reservations about getting LASIK. Any kind of medical procedure is a little scary, especially when it …

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  • What Questions To Ask Yourself Before Considering LASIK

    || 04-05-2016

    When you know you want to get LASIK, there are a million questions swimming in your head. What’s the process? Who do I talk to get the ball rolling? What movies are opening this Friday that I can watch with my new, incredibly cool LASIK vision? (You may be getting ahead of yourself with that …

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  • Louie G from Big Boy’s Morning Show at Real 92.3FM

    || 02-05-2016

    Watch Louie G from Big Boy’s Morning Show at Real 92.3FM doing LASIK at Soroudi Vision Center.

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