• Is Lens Based Vision Correction Right for You?

    || 26-02-2016

    Cataracts are a very common eye condition that results in poor vision for many. A cloudy lens interferes with the manner in which our eyes take in light. It prevents light from focusing on to the retina and creates poor or blurred images. Cataracts can cause: Glare Poor color perception Haloes Overall haze which cannot …

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  • What is Pterygium and How is it Treated?

    || 10-02-2016

    Not usually a serious eye condition, a pterygium, also known as “surfer’s eye”, is a small wing-shaped fleshy membrane that grows over the cornea. Usually growing on the side of the eye near the nose, it can also grow on the opposite side. It is also not uncommon to have it growing on both sides …

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