• When Should you have Cataract Surgery?

    || 22-09-2015

    Are you suffering from poor quality of vision due to a cataract?  If a cataract is affecting your vision and quality of life you may want to consider having Cataract Surgery. Soroudi Advanced LASIK & Eye Centers specialize in cataract surgery and lens-based vision correction that is performed with a small-incision and is suture and …

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  • Soroudi Advanced LASIK Is Now the Only Practice in West L.A. to Guarantee 20/20 Vision After Z-LASIK

    || 11-09-2015

    Dr. Ebbie Soroudi of Soroudi Advanced LASIK and Eye Centers announced they are now the only practice in West Los Angeles to guarantee 20/20 vision to qualified patients with custom Z-LASIK. Over the past 5 years, the practice has quickly become one of L.A.

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  • Why LASIK can actually SAVE you money in the Long Run

    || 09-09-2015

    Cost is one of the most common questions and concerns among those considering LASIK eye surgery. Although the initial cost of LASIK may be a significant investment, Americans spend around $30 billion a year on eye products (glasses, contact lenses, solutions) and services. When you compare the cost of LASIK to the cost of contacts, …

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